Wedding speech ideas

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A wedding speech from the heart

Writing a wedding speech is a very personal thing. If you are seeking wedding speech ideas it's great that you're writing your own speech and not trying to use someone else's. A personal and unique wedding speech can be so much better.

Our e-book on how to be a brilliant MC devotes an entire section to being a master of ceremonies at a wedding and many different aspects of MC wedding speeches. The principles throughout the whole book apply to all speeches at the wedding, so you may like to read that as well.

Wedding speech ideas 1: Tailor your wedding speech

There is no point in my giving you a script. Your wedding speech ideas need to be tailored to the unique wedding at which you are speaking. Each wedding is different.

Also, the wedding speech ideas that best suit your wedding speech will be influenced by the type of speech that you're giving. Not all wedding speeches are the same.

If you are the groom your groom's speech will be different from the father of the bride's speech, which in turn will differ from a best man's speech or the MC's wedding speeches. Each wedding speech has a different contribution to make.

The following wedding speech ideas are based on key principles that will apply to most such speeches including those of the groom, the best man, the father of the bride, the mother of the bride and the MC.

In summary, this first wedding speech idea is to tailor your speech to your role at the wedding and to the unique characteristics of the wedding and your bride and groom.

Wedding speech ideas 2: Capture the special magic

Each wedding is special, romantic, unique and personal. The best wedding speeches are those that echo these sentiments. The purpose of a wedding speech is to capture the mood of the occasion and the lovely qualities, personalities and styles of the bride and groom.

The mood you may want your wedding speech to convey may be one of pride. For example, the father of the groom may express his pride in his son's choice of bride.

Alternatively, the mood may be one of love and romance.

For example, the mother of the bride's speech may tell a story about how the bride and groom fell in love. She may also reflect on her own love for her daughter and the love that she has for her new son-in-law. In other words, the wedding speech captures the emotion of the moment and highlights it, so everyone at the wedding bathes in it.

In summary, this second wedding speech idea is to write a speech that captures the romance, pride, love, and joy that all feel on that day.

Wedding speech ideas 3: Express appreciation

The best man's speech and also the MC's speeches may take a slightly different tack. The mood that they may evoke may take a more humorous turn and be expressing appreciation, for example, that someone wants to marry their mate, the groom!

They may express appreciation for all that the father and mother of the bride and groom have done for their daughters and sons. They may express appreciation to all of the guests. They may express appreciation to the bridesmaids, if there are any.

However, how these expressions of appreciation are divided between the speakers is up to each bridal party, as there are many variations and it comes down to personal choice in the end.

One of the most memorable and inspiring wedding speeches that I've ever heard, was given by the mother of the bride.

At this particular wedding the father of the bride wasn't keen to give a major speech and the mother of the bride took centre stage. She was humorous, loving, and capable of making the occasion very, very special. It wasn't necessary for the father of the bride to add anything to this and it was agreed between them beforehand that this was her job on the day.

In summary, this third wedding speech idea is to write a wedding speech that expresses appreciation to the important people of the day.

Wedding speech ideas 4: Plan the groom's speech

The groom has a special speech to give. His speech may focus on different members of the bridal party. It may focus upon the mother and father of the bride. It may express appreciation to his own mother and father.

More than anything though it expresses love and gratitude to his new wife and celebrates her beauty and uniqueness. He is there to make her feel special and her parents to feel joy that she has chosen him as her husband.

This isn't all that you might do in the groom's speech though, as it depends on how you divide the speech content and toasts between you all.

If you are giving the groom's speech and your best man is also speaking, and your master of ceremonies is speaking, and the father of the bride is giving a wedding speech, and the mother of the groom is giving a wedding speech, and the matron of honour is giving a wedding speech … that's a lot of speaking and planning is vital.

You all have to decide between you who is going to thank whom and which sentiments you are each going to express. You will not want to deliver a groom's speech that is repeating what others have said and done. Nor do you want to risk saying the same wedding jokes that your best man has chosen.

In summary, this fourth wedding speech idea is to talk to everybody else who is speaking, before writing the groom's speech. Avoid unnecessary repetition and ensure that no one important is missed out when thanks and wedding toasts are given.

More wedding speech ideas

It can be hard to give a groom's speech or a best man's speech or even the father of the bride's speech if you are not used to public speaking. There are many more ideas on how to speak in public, engage an audience and be a best man or an MC at a wedding in our e-book on "How to be a brilliant MC".

The MC book also includes sample wedding speeches, including a best man's speech, a groom's speech and a mother of the bride's speech, and more. You are encouraged to apply the principles they cover to your own wedding speech so you are at your best.