The Groom's speech

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How to give the perfect groom's speech

It's your wedding and you are to give the groom's speech, wow, what a task! Weddings are emotional events and the groom's speech is an important vehicle through which happiness, joy and love are expressed at the wedding reception.

In choosing what to say and how you will express it, it is important to match what you say to the needs of your individual and unique wedding. Groom's speeches vary enormously and there is no one way to give one.

There are cultural differences, religious differences, personality differences, family differences, and the unique aspects of your beautiful bride to consider. Even the venue and the setting of the wedding make a difference to what you will include in the groom's speech.

I'm not going to give you a specific script, therefore, because that would diminish the value and relevance of any groom's speech. Instead, let me walk you through three key principles that you can apply to your speech.

However, if you are still looking for a sample of a groom's speech we do include one in our master of ceremonies e-book "The beginner's guide to being a brilliant Mc". There is a whole section on weddings and we include a sample groom's speech for you.

Don't use the groom's speech example word for word though. Yours is a special wedding day and your bride, the bridal party and the wedding guests will want to hear your authentic words and genuine expressions of love.

Groom speech: Use appropriate humour

Humour based on jokes can go wrong. The groom's speech is a very personal expression of gratitude. If you do choose to use some wedding jokes please make sure that they won't offend any of your guests.

Instead, you might like to include two or three lighthearted, non offensive, non-embarrassing stories about yourself and the bride, and to tell those instead of jokes

The reason that I recommend you tell personal stories in your groom's speech is because these are very personal. Also, people won't have heard them before, and you'll remember them easily because they are your own stories.

If you do want to include wedding jokes, then when you buy the MC book you will be offered a series of free wedding jokes along with it. Still choose them carefully, however. I have seen jokes go terribly wrong at a wedding reception and I don't want you to risk that. Grooms can still make people laugh without jokes in their speeches.

In conclusion, this groom's speech tip is very simple. Choose your jokes wisely and look at alternative ways to include humour.

Groom speech: Talk about your beautiful bride with love

Traditionally groom's speeches are predominantly about your gratitude to the bride.

Talk about your love for your bride, what you admire about your bride, and thank your bride for marrying you. You might also talk about the time that you fell in love and the loving memories you have of your courtship.

However, your speech is not just about the past but also about your future together. Expressing your happiness at the thought of being together with your beautiful bride for the rest of your life is important.

Of course, there are many wedding jokes about married life and it at this point you may want to integrate one or two into your groom's speech, as long as they suit the occasion.

In conclusion, this groom's speech tip is very simple. Thank the bride and express your love for her.

Groom speech: Thank the guests

Groom's speeches are also an opportunity to thank the people who have come to your wedding and are celebrating this special day with you.

You may thank them for their wedding presents, for being with you on this special day, for travelling so far, for their cards and wishes, and even for their contribution in helping you have such a beautiful bride.

Of course, do not forget that unless the bride is also giving a speech you are thanking everyone on behalf of you both. Thus, you may say something like, "On behalf of myself and my beautiful new wife ...".

Who else will you thank? This depends on what other wedding speeches there are and how you have decided to divide up the roles between you all.

You may thank the best man, it could be the bridesmaids, it could be your bride's favourite grandmother, it could be the master of ceremonies. It all depends and needs to be thought through carefully. Just make sure between you that you don't miss anyone out!

There is so much variety in who gives the wedding speeches these days, that it's very important that you plan all the speeches together. You need to each know who is thanking whom, who is toasting whom, and who is telling stories about what.

In conclusion, this groom's speech tip is straightforward but requires planning. Thank the guests on behalf of yourself and your bride.

Want to know more about groom speeches?

There is much more that I could say about groom speeches. These tips are only the beginning of what you need to know.

I recommend you now read the e-book "The beginner's guide to being a brilliant MC", so you can gain further ideas on how to engage your wedding guests, and how to thank people.

There is also a sample groom's speech in the book for you.

May your groom's speech help to build a feeling of true happiness on your special day.