Master of ceremonies wedding etiquette

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Are you going to be a master of ceremonies at a wedding? If so, it is very important that as the master of ceremonies you understand the specific wedding etiquette for your wedding.

You don't want to risk getting the wedding etiquette wrong because no one, least of all you, wants the master of ceremonies to ruin the reception and upset the bride or groom. Instead, the master of ceremonies must know and follow the right wedding etiquette so the bride and groom are happy and relaxed.

Master of ceremonies wedding etiquette for different religions

The wedding etiquette will, of course, depend upon the type of wedding you are the master of ceremonies for. Each wedding will have different etiquette determined by its religious and cultural traditions.

There is a vast difference in the wedding etiquette for a Catholic couple, compared to a Buddhist bride and groom, compared to a Muslim marriage, for example.

For example, at a Buddhist wedding I attended, the bride and groom were wrapped in ribbon. Then the ribbon was passed to each of the wedding guests who, in turn, wrapped it around their own hands. In the end everyone was holding the one, long piece of ribbon. Then, all of the wedding guests, and the bridal party, along with the father and mother of the bride and groom, sent love to the happy couple. It was beautiful. I haven't seen this particular wedding ceremony in any other weddings I have attended.

More master of ceremonies tips for wedding etiquette

There are many master of ceremonies tips that we could cover, so I will just pick out a couple more tips here and cover other master of ceremonies tips in other articles.

Religious and cultural traditions are only two aspects of wedding etiquette that a master of ceremonies needs to consider in his or her preparation.

However, a key master of ceremonies tip is to do a lot of preparation. I mean a lot, and possibly more than you can imagine! It is important to realise that preparation is a key to your success as the wedding MC.

A further tip is that, in addition to considering the religious and cultural aspects of wedding etiquette, you also need to consider the individual preferences of the bride and groom. This is because the wedding etiquette also varies for each individual wedding, within the same culture or religion.

Each bride, groom, father of the bride, mother of the bride, and the groom's parents have their own ideas as to what the wedding etiquette should be. The bride will have personal rituals she likes, particular ways of doing the rituals and special people she will want you to include at the wedding reception. So will the groom. Being a master of ceremonies at a wedding isn't easy!

For example, at one non-religious wedding I attended in Australia, the bride's father played guitar, and the bride sang a love song to her new husband at the reception. There was no standard wedding etiquette that could have predicted this! The bride was an amazing singer, by the way, and had us all on our feet applauding.

Master of ceremonies tips on wedding etiquette and the bride

You may be disappointed to find out that the master of ceremonies has no set wedding etiquette to follow. The tip is to determine the exact wedding etiquette that your particular bride and groom want you, the master of ceremonies, to follow. Do not be an all-knowing MC who assumes you know, it is too dangerous!

An additional master of ceremonies tip is to include in your preparation a long and detailed meeting with the bride, and one with the groom. Or you may see both the bride and groom together.

An extra tip is to go to the meeting prepared with a long list of questions to ensure you cover every aspect of the wedding etiquette with the bride. The master of ceremonies e-book includes a checklist to help you do this as well as many more MC tips.

Do not underestimate the importance of this interview with the bride if you want to be 100% certain that you have the wedding etiquette correct.

In summary, if you are to be a brilliant wedding master of ceremonies, you need to put effort into your preparation to ensure you have the wedding etiquette perfect. Enjoy being a master of ceremonies at a wedding, it is a wonderful honour to help the bride and groom have a special day.