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Brilliant Best Man's speeches

What are the best ideas for the best man's speech? It depends! Each best man's speech is an individual gift to the bride and groom, and needs to be tailored to each wedding. Each wedding is unique.

Also, the role of the best man varies from one wedding to another. Sometimes the best man is also the master of ceremonies at a wedding, and sometimes another person takes that as a separate role. If there are two people, a best man and an MC, the best man's speech format will be different from when one person takes both roles. It all depends!

What does it depend on? Partly on your personality. Your personality as the best man is very important when selecting out the best man's speech ideas that will suit your speech. Some men like to give funny best man speeches whilst others like to give more serious ones. Some are extraverted and happy in front of a crowd, others are more introverted.

Best man's speech ideas 1: Don't take anything for granted

As we go through these best man's speech ideas, which ones are most suitable will also depend on the individual bride and groom that you're representing, the personality and style of the guests, and the characteristics and style of the whole bridal party. It also depends on how traditional the wedding is and what cultural and religious traditions may be involved.

If it is a traditional wedding, typically the best man thanks the groom for his toasts to the bridesmaids or bridal party.

However, these days the matron of honour is quite capable of thanking the groom on behalf of the bridal party, or someone else may make a toast to the bridesmaids, or there may be no bridesmaids! Don't take anything for granted!

There is a lot to consider. We have a whole book "The beginners' guide to being a brilliant MC", so in addition to reading these tips, I recommend you also read the book. There is a sample best man's speech in there too.

Best man's speech ideas 2: Choose tasteful best man jokes

I am mentioning jokes in the best man's speech early on because so often the best man thinks that his role is to tell wedding jokes and he starts off by trying to find some good best man speech jokes. This does not have to be the case.

Certainly, in many instances, the best man needs to give some level of humour in his speech, but this doesn't have to come from wedding jokes.

However, if you think it is very important to have a funny best man's speech please choose your jokes very carefully. You need to consider who is on the guest list and what their sensitivities might be.

Although you may have your mates from the cricket team there with you, and they may laugh at some sexy jokes, you also need to ask yourself, "Would the bride's grandmother or father also find them funny?".

There is no room in a wedding for the best man to insult or upset any of the relatives or guests. That is one of the reasons I suggest jokes may not be required. Personal and funny stories about the people involved can often be better, (providing these too are not offensive).

However, if you do want jokes, when you buy a copy of our MC book we can also provide you with a whole free set of wedding jokes and toasts.

The book also includes many important tips for you, not only about what to say but on how to speak to an audience.

Most best man's speeches that I've heard have been delivered by men who have not had a lot of experience in public speaking. Our book will help you to understand what you need to do to be a brilliant public speaker at the wedding. There is no point in the best man having a superb speech if he can't deliver it well.

In conclusion, my second best man's speech idea is to be very careful if you're going to use jokes and to pick them with sensitivity for the guests.

Best man's speech ideas 3: Don't dig out the dirt

As the best man you might be tempted to put into your speech stories of the dreadful activities that the groom has got up to in his life prior to falling in love and getting married. However, the role of the best man is not to embarrass the groom in front of the bride.

If you want to use personal funny stories about the groom, do so, because stories can make a best man's speech relevant. However, please choose the stories well so that they get across what is necessary about the groom without upsetting the groom or hurtfully embarrassing the bride, or making the wedding guests uncomfortable.

If you know stories that are really funny about the groom, and virtually nobody else knows them, and you are sure that everybody will find them funny, then these are the best stories to include.

When you select your stories for your best man's speech I recommend that you interview the mother and father of the groom, along with the groom's friends, maybe his sisters and brothers, and maybe his cousins and even his aunts, uncles and grandparents.

In other words don't just rely on what you already know because some other people may have even funnier stories about the groom that you can tell, that you don't yet know about. Preparation and research are important in writing funny best man speeches.

In conclusion, my third best man's speech idea is to search out stories about the groom by talking to all of the other people in his family and his friends and not just relying on what you already know about him.

Best man speech ideas 4: Express your positive emotions

When I think about the best man's speech format I recall a wedding that I went to where the best man captivated the whole emotion of the wedding.

In it he expressed his love, joy and appreciation for his best friend, the groom. He praised the groom and told us how important the groom was to him in his life. It was a very moving speech.

It was the best man's speech that helped all of us to celebrate how lucky the bride was to have him as her groom. The bride delighted in hearing such positive comments about her new husband. The father and mother of the groom also sat there glowing with pride as they heard such praise of their son.

It is very easy to miss out of the best man's speech format expressions of direct emotions, intentionally or otherwise. However, if you can find a space for them they can be very powerful.

The whole of the best man's speech does not have to be funny; sometimes it just needs to be poignant. The wedding is about romance, love, pride, happiness and joy. If the best man can echo these sentiments, whether it is about the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids or the parents of the groom or bride, it doesn't matter as long as these sentiments are echoed in what the best man says.

In summary, my fourth best man's speech idea is to build in expressions of joy and love into your speech so that you can help everyone at the wedding to feel these feelings too.

There is so much more that I could write about best man speeches but these tips are by necessity only brief.

Your next step is to read more about speaking at a wedding and the MC book is here to help you with that. We include a sample of a best man's speech and provide wedding jokes too.

May you enjoy the honour of being the best man, it's a wonderful privilege.