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Earn 40% by simply posting or promoting links

If you are a Master of Ceremony, a wedding planner, wedding supplier or bridal directory, an events organiser, a marriage celebrant, a professional speaker or speaking organisation such as Rostrum or Toastmasters (or the equivalent); or an online bookshop - then you are invited to consider selling this popular e-book, which has sold in over 75 countries worldwide.

The process

If you fit one of these seller groups, you need to be able to sell the e-book through one or more of the following methods:

  • 1. A website with an online shop or resources section where you can include a picture of the book and the description of it. We provide the picture, the description and testimonials for you to display. The link directs people to the book in our online store so you do not have to handle the money, provide receipts or have a shop. We do it all for you. It means simply having the picture of the book and the text on your site, along with a unique and simple link code which tracks your unique sales.
  • 2. A regular ezine or blog in which you sell or promote products.
  • 3. Social media pages in which you can direct people to products.
  • 4. Regular tweets in which you promote and direct people to products.

The results

If you tick any of these boxes, please sign up. Please note: We are restricting the number of affiliates to 20 - so if you sign up and don't sell any books, your affiliate link will be discontinued as there will be others keen to take your place.

After joining, you will be provided with a simple link code to add to your website or send to readers. The code will direct traffic to the book in our online store, and if the visit results in a sale of the eBook, you will be entitled to a 40% commission of the total sale value. This means that those who sell the MC book for the RRP of $25 will earn $10 for every MC book they sell. This code contains a unique identifier to track any sales that results from your visitor.

Once you have signed up please contact us so we can send you the relevant graphics and text to include in your website / ezine / social media pages / tweets.

Signing up

  • 1. Click the affiliate sign-up button. This takes you to our e-junkie site.
    Affiliate Sign-up
  • 2. Register for a new account (if you don't have an existing one). There is no charge for registration.
  • 3. Put the activation code into the activation box on e-junkie and click "Activate".
  • 4. You will be sent a confirmation email from e-junkie – (ignore his for now but keep for later.)
  • 5. On the top menu bar in your e-junkie account, click "Affiliate Admin".
  • 6. You will be informed that you have an "Affiliate Account" and see "Your Affiliate ID". Keep this as you can use it to track your sales and access your account.
  • 7. Click "Edit Profile", and enter your name.
  • 8. Enter you Paypal account details. If you do not have a Paypal account, please leave the Paypal email box blank, as we usually pay via EFT.
  • 9. Under the box labelled "Your Affiliate Programs" ensure "The Emotional Intelligence Institute" is selected (this is a sister organisation of masterofceremonies.info). Note: if this does not appear, please stay logged in and click the MC sign-up button again.
  • 10. Scroll further down the page, past "Common Hop Link" to the heading "Product-specific Links & Info". Select "A master of ceremonies: A beginner's guide to being an MC".
  • 11. Copy and keep the master of ceremonies "Product Hop Link". This is your unique affiliate code for the MC book which you can put on your website. You must use this link to get earnings from any sales. It is a full HTML code that creates a clickable link when pasted directly into the raw source code of your Web page.
  • 12. If you wish to use the link in an ezine, social media pages or email you will need to extract the link URL out of the code. Please go here for simple instructions on how to do it - it's easy: Click here
  • 13. Contact us via email so we can send you the relevant graphics and text for the book.
  • 14. We will pay commissions via Paypal or EFT. Please provide your bank details for EFT so we can pay you directly.


The commission applies only to purchases via our on-site payment gateway.

The program is administered through our payment gateway provider, to ensure that all sales are tracked and attributed to the correct affiliate. This is a simple process and is completely automated.

Commissions are paid within 8 weeks of the sale date.

You will need to provide us with your EFT details to receive commissions. In some cases, we can pay via Paypal.