Book reviews: Wedding MC

All these comments are from unsolicited emails - we do not write to ask anyone for a testimonial for the book, but simply share some of the emails with you from across the world.

Ian Kelleher - Love the book.


I love the book, it's so useful.

Assumption George - Everything just went perfectly

Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India.

Thank you very much for the tips you gave me to be a wedding emcee. This was the first wedding I ever did as an emcee but I followed your rules - and everything just went perfectly. Thanks so much.

Karl Platel - Gave me the right tools


The 50th birthday went off with a bang. There were no awkward moments, in fact at the end of the evening I was told that I was very entertaining as the Master of Ceremony. Thanks for all your tips and advice in your book. It gave me the right tools that night.

Maurizio Caminita - I felt like I had been doing this job for ever

Island of Ustica, Sicily.

On Saturday I was offered a job as MC for a wedding and the only experience that I had previously was my guiding experience with American and Australian groups, but thanks to you Rachel, after reading your Master of Ceremonies book I felt like I had been doing this job for ever.

Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko - Most comprehensive material


Our event went well and we managed to be gold masters of ceremony :) I checked other books on this topic in the popular online bookstores and your master of ceremonies book made an impression as the most comprehensive material on this topic. The book was very helpful and gave me the confidence I needed for this event.

Regan Fallow - A wonderful resource


I read through your wedding MC e-book yesterday. Such a wonderful resource. Thank you. This is my first time as a wedding MC. I have been best man on a couple of occasions and understand (thanks to your book) that these roles are very different, especially when it comes to speeches. Admittedly, I am a little nervous about this role, but with the help of your book, on the day, I'll be fine.

Rob Sitarz - It was fabulous


I wanted to let you know how the MCing at my brother's wedding went on Saturday. It was fabulous!! Thanks so much for all the information you provided in your master of ceremonies book. I used it a great deal along with the jokes you provided as well. I plan on keeping the info handy should the opportunity to speak arise again. Thanks again.

Wole Olomola - Thank you


Just to say thank you for the assistance provided. I had only 5 days notice to MC a wedding reception, (something I had never done before) last weekend in Perth. I would have rejected the role if not for the fact that I stumbled on your website.

Neville Green - It turned out to be a fantastic night


I purchased your beginner's guide and read it many times.There were approx 150 people at the wedding and it was my first time as MC and the first time I had spoken in public. At no time was I nervous or felt out of control, all due to the fact I was prepared and had rehearsed names, roles, etc. many times as per your book's instructions.

It turned out to be a fantastic night and I received many great comments throughout the evening. I have no doubt that without the guidance of your book I would have been in a different position and not enjoyed the lead up to or the night at all. The experience was to my mind one of the most fulfilling things I have done to date; and has given me extra confidence in my everyday life, both business and private. Thank you.

Kate Coghlan - People asked me how long I'd been doing it for


I bought your e-book on the beginner's guide to being a brilliant MC. I had the honour of being my sister and now brother-in-law's MC at their wedding in Penang. When they first asked me, I freaked out initially thinking to myself - why did they ask me? Then I googled how to be an MC and came across your youtube video which led me to buy your ebook. My sister-in-law was very touched that I would go as far as buying an ebook.

The night went so well. The next day people were asking me how long I'd been doing it for and they couldn't believe that that was my first time. Thanks so much again for your help!

Tony Del Castilho - An excellent product


I was preparing for a meeting with the wedding party last night and thought I should get some sort of a checklist to follow. I really appreciated the quick and easy way in which the e-book was delivered. I only had 30 minutes in which to locate and print the information that I needed. The Index proved to be very helpful and already your book has been very useful. I am looking forward to reading through the entire book over the next few days as I prepare for my MC duties at next Saturday's wedding. Thanks again for an excellent product.

Josephine Carr - I received lots of compliments

After reading your "Master of Ceremonies" book, I received lots of compliments from relatives as well as people I did not know, telling me what a wonderful job I did keeping the party alive all night. I have had many more offers to be the MC at coming weddings. I am still receiving positive comments long after the event, thanks again for your replies to my emails which I found very personal and helpful.

Cathie Cross - I have the confidence


My sincere thank you for the book. I was the MC for my cousin's wedding in October and apart from a little 'frozen' start at the beginning of the night ... the night ran smoothly and was lots of fun. Thanks again for your commitment towards the work that you do and share with many. You truly do make a difference.

John McEwan - I received lots of positive feedback


Thanks Rachel for your Master of Ceremonies book. The day went very well and I received lots of positive feedback from the bride and groom, the bride’s parents and members of the audience too. The info I got from you caused me to prepare which made the difference. I even drew a compliment from the caterer. She was amazed how well everything ran. She said most start out that way but very few manage to stay that good for the whole time. This was objective praise from someone who sees hundreds of weddings. Anyone who has to do this role should read your information.

Karolina Baker - Your tips were amazing


I just wanted to let you know that my MC job for my brother's wedding went off without a hitch. Your tips in your Master of Ceremony book were amazing and really got me focused when I felt I was getting overwhelmed. I felt I was preparing too much, but in the end, all the advance work was well worth it. All the comments we heard back were extremely positive. Many, many thanks, Karolina. P.S: Thanks for the additional help via email too!

Book reviews: Event MC

All these comments are from unsolicited emails - we do not write to ask anyone for a testimonial for the book, but simply share some of the emails with you from across the world.

Jacyln Siw - Tremendous help!

Malaysia. May 2015

I bought the ebook to get some tips for a business forum I emceed last Tuesday. Those tips were a tremendous help! Glad I stumbled upon Rachel's website.

Eric S Upchurch Sr. - Very insightful


Very insightful Rachel. Your insight into the Emotional Quotient of Emceeing is invaluable. I feel it not only helps to sharpen the skills needed for being a Master or Mistress of Ceremonies, but becoming socially irresistible as we practice these principles in our everyday interactions. I commend you and it is an honor to purchase your book.

Alex Omijeh - I wish I had read your book before


Thanks for your follow up, I am really impressed with your professional approach and follow up.

I have started reading your book and it's very educative and interesting.

I have done a few MC jobs and I wish I had read your book before, but its never too late, life is continuous improvement. I have some few gigs coming up in Dec, one is a wedding and the other an award night.

Somehow I feel I have found my calling in life (or one of my callings), I really enjoy being an MC. And everyone seems to think I do a good job, imagine after I master the skills in your book!

Mei Chew - Inspired


I have browsed thru the e-book you sent and I must say I am truly inspired to put the tips into practice.

Rima Arab - I loved it, it gets to the point


Dear Rachel, I started reading your book and I have reached page 24. I said to myself that I have to tell you that I am loving it! I was feeling stressed that my event is coming very, very soon and I had to spend some of my limited time reading the book instead of reading my script. Thank God I started reading the book. It made me feel relaxed and confident.
I can highlight the things I loved about your book:
1.  It does not waste my time as it gets to the point.
2.  It is simple and to the point.
3.  It is informative and to the point.

Janel Ferguson - I feel more confident already

New Zealand.

I have received the ebook and am really enjoying reading it. I feel more confident already :)

Taisuke Yamamoto - It was great


I read through the e-book and it was great, and has given me confidence to do my sudden gig this week. (A big one as well, an international fashion week!)

Merzina Clement - I am very much inspired


I read your e-book through and through. I must say it is very informative. I hope to do good. You are a Great Woman. I am very much inspired by you.

Chris Parsons - The little dos and don’ts really helped

United Kingdom.

The MC book arrived safely. I was to MC the following day. Spent Friday night reading it and drafting my speech. I’d only had a few days notice; my cousin’s wedding was all a bit last minute. Saturday up at 6:30 am writing. There is no doubt the job would have been half as successful and taken twice as long if I hadn’t come across your youtube interview. As it was, my speech and introductions were very well received even ‘though I didn’t have time to memorise them. One of my other cousins is getting married in November and asked me on Saturday night if I would be MC for hers too!

Abdul Fattah - A great investment


I picked up a lot of useful tips from your Master of Ceremonies E-book. We had over 100 people attend and based on feedback people loved it. Purchasing your book was a great investment; I can comfortably say that you saved the day. I had been freaking out until I got it. So thank you. I look forward to reading your other books.

Deon K - All the information I needed

South Africa.

I found that your book and especially the checklists contained all the information that I needed to do this job. Your techniques for overcoming the fear of public speaking helped a lot and I can confess that because I used them I did not get any stage fright. I highly recommend this Master of Ceremonies e-book to anyone that wants to get the "know how" of the duties of the Emcee.

David Wise - I will be able to step-up to a new level


I MC events regularly in my local area and I am always on the lookout for good learning resources. That is how I came across your site and the MC e-book. The book was a nice easy read with good quality information and examples (similar products I have bought in the past have taken me a couple of weeks to get through). In particular I will be able to step-up my speaker introductions to a new level thanks to the information in the book. In other instances it was reassuring to learn from someone who has a good deal of professional experience that many of the things I’m doing now are spot on and that I am capable of doing bigger and better events if I keep doing those things right.

Amanda Gratte - I absolutely nailed it


Hi Rachel. I was really DREADING my MC role, not because I didn't want to do it because it was an honor to have been asked, but because I was just so nervous about getting up in front of 100 people, and worried I would be boring or that I wouldn't add to the magic of their wedding. It was so important to do a great job for my nephew and his bride. So, I just took the time to read the book, put some careful planning in place with the tips in your ebook and I absolutely nailed it! Everyone congratulated me on the job I had done, even 8 months after seeing people I didn't know very well when I bumped into them at the shops, they commented about the role I had played that night. I used the techniques listed in the e-book to bring it all together. It was so easy! I focused on my plan and the rest came so easily. So thank you for the help of the e-book, it was a real godsend!

Calvin Hawkins - Easy to understand


Thank YOU for such a great and easy to understand e-book. Your book is very informative and very comforting. It has given me the confidence I need to carry out what I have been selected to do as the master of ceremonies. Your book has everything I needed to know, that I did not know. I am a very satisfied customer. I do not want to think about what could have happened if I did not have the knowledge acquired from your e-book. I am so glad I invested in your book. Thank you. Calvin.

Dona Klaiber - Your book truly helped me be brilliant 


Thank you, so much, Rachel. Your book on "Being a brilliant Master of Ceremonies" was so helpful. My husband is the great MC'er in our family. He is funny and fun and very witty and can think on the spot. I am more of a serious person and although I love and appreciate humour, I can't pull it off as easily because of my personality. Your book truly helped me be more "brilliant" and less boring. Thanks for helping me through an anxious time and giving me the confidence to know I can do it too! Everything went well and the organizers and the guest of honor were pleased. Thank you so much! Congratulations on a book well-written and easy to understand. With gratitude.

Ed Ordynski - The client was extremely happy. Thank you.


Your book is just great. Some parts I was already doing fine but it's great to have confirmation that what I am doing is positive. I have been caught so many times with lousy sound and poorly organised venues that I was fearing I was driving the client nuts with my attention to detail, but now having read your book I suspect I am still not doing enough! I am also lifting my game on the intros. I love your suggestion about having one person to be responsible to on the day as so far I am communicating with about ten in-house staff. I have struck the usual problems and I am in a bit of a patch-up mode with some of the arrangements. For example, the guest speakers have still not been properly briefed on the schedule, their time allocations and the way the rotating groups will work for product presentations, so I am onto that today and tomorrow to ensure they feel confident about their presentations.

Then Ed wrote after the event ...

Just letting you know I finished my mc'ing at the conference and all went very well. One delegate in a thank-you speech said that he'd been to conferences all over Australia and Asia and it was the best run. So a good, positive outcome and the client was extremely happy. Thank you.

Martin Goudreault - Everyone thought that I was a professional


The wedding was a great success thanks to your book "A Master of Ceremonies". The book really helped me out of a jam. Everyone thought that I was a professional spokesperson, and said that it was very well done. Thanks Rachel.

Michael Hagger - My confidence level has soared


Thank you for making available, to people like me, your MC e-book - already it has been of great assist. My confidence level has now soared, knowing I've got sound guidance and advice. My duties as an MC came about because of our family's family reunion and because some relatives knew I was a talker, so presumed I'd be a good one. So, to keep from looking stupid, I had to find out what emceeing was all about --- and I found you --- THANX!

Tammie Reid - I had lots of fantastic feedback


I was invited to be the MC for the Australasian conference of IAP2 - International Assoc for Public Participation. I read your e-book "A master of ceremonies" more than once, made notes, mind maps and plans of action. I found your tips and insights invaluable. I had lots of fantastic, positive, affirming feedback all through the event.