A Master of Ceremonies

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Masters and Mistresses of Ceremonies are very important people. They can make or break a wedding reception, conference or function. They can bore the pants off the guests and be stiff and dull, or bring the event alive with humour and energy and have the audience enthralled. Invited to MC? Don't risk letting people down by lacking in confidence, or not knowing all you should. By getting this book now, you'll know what your duties are, AND how to do them brilliantly. Now is the time. After the event is too late, isn't it?

A Master of Ceremonies has seven different sections covering all the ins and outs of MCing, from how to relate well to your audience or guests, how to introduce and thank speakers or performers, to how to manage the timing correctly and how to prepare properly. There are sample introductions and thank-yous and sample wedding speeches, plus checklists to help you prepare 2 weeks beforehand, 7 days beforehand and the night before; plus tips on using a microphone, exercises to help you read a script confidently, examples of what not to do, and more ... in this packed, easy-to-read and practical guide. Don't be a Master of Ceremonies without it!

Your purchase includes a choice of three bonus ebooks: 'jokes and quotes' for weddings or birthdays, and tips to avoid pitfalls at corporate events.

A beginner's guide to being a brilliant MC, by professional speaker, Rachel Green. E-book, 134 A4 pages, 5th edition 2015 ISBN:0-9775081-1-0

Don't be an ordinary MC, don't be a boring MC, be a brilliant MC!

You've been invited to be the Master of Ceremonies at a wedding, an important conference, a retirement, a fund-raiser or an award's night. Congratulations. It can seem easy. Well at first! But once you start thinking about it you might start sweating and getting nervous. After all, there will be all those eyes on you as you give your master of ceremonies speeches. You've got to manage the timing, you've got to know what to say from the welcome speech to the closing remarks, and there are other master of ceremonies duties and jobs that must be done well. Oh, suddenly it doesn't seem quite so easy, does it?

Sadly, at conferences, weddings and concerts there are far more poor MCs than good ones ... you name the event and there will have been a Master of Ceremonies who struggled to hold the attention of the audience and did not know how to be brilliant.
And, so many times I have sat through Master of Ceremonies speeches that have been simply boring, boring, boring. And then there are the ones who let performers or speakers drag on way past their time, or who are irrelevant. It's dreadful, isn't it? Make sure you are not like that - give brilliant speeches and be on top of your duties.

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Wedding MC Reviews

  • Maurizio Caminita - "I felt like I had been doing this job for ever"
  • Rob Sitarz - "It was fabulous"
  • Tony Del Castilho - "An excellent product"
  • Josephine Carr - "I received lots of compliments"
  • John McEwan - "I received lots of positive feedback"
  • Karolina Baker - "Your tips were amazing"

Event MC Reviews

  • Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko - "Most comprehensive material"
  • Abdul Fattah - "A great investment"
  • Amanda Gratte - "I absolutely nailed it"
  • Merzina Clement - "I am very much inspired"
  • David Wise - "I will be able to step-up to a new level"
  • Rima Arab - "I loved it, it gets to the point"

MC tips

"Being a master of ceremonies requires you to not only relate to your audience in a natural comfortable way, and in a sincere, respectful and warm way, but to also adapt to whatever is happening in each moment. You can't monitor what is happening or how the audience is reacting if you have your face down in a script."
Rachel Green

"In MCing a wedding, be prepared for anything from the bride's mother fainting, to the wedding cake catching alight, to a bomb evacuation, or a speaker not turning up. Then if everything goes according to plan, it's a bonus!"
Rachel Green