Being a brilliant MC

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It's common to be asked at the last minute to be an MC, whether it's at a friend's wedding, a birthday or a conference. It's understandable that panic is an equally common response, but help is at hand.

Even those with little or no public speaking experience can be brilliant MCs (yes that good) if they know the basics and spend enough time preparing.

An MC can make or break a wedding, product launch or business event

Yes, it is a little daunting to think that you are responsible for the smooth running of an event, but in equal measure it's exciting. With our tips and tools, you will feel reassured in no time.

As MC you must control the flow and energy of the event.

Being an MC is about appearing serene and in control, even if events don't go as expected. Things don't always go to plan (in fact they rarely do), so you, as Master of Ceremonies, have to take charge, fill the gaps and maintain the flow.

An effective MC tells stories, uses humour and is never boring

Jokes, stories and anecdotes are an MC's stock-in-trade. As a special bonus we will offer you a separate (free) book of jokes for weddings and/or milestone birthdays.

Armed with both books, you will learn how to give stellar introductions, thank key people, and keep the event on track; with the audience engaged and wanting more. Follow our guidelines and you'll never be dull or boring!

Special Wedding MC section

While the principles of being a Master of Ceremonies are universal, and apply to almost all events, it's understandable that the biggest group of first time MCs are enlisted for weddings. For that reason, we have two large sections on how to aim for brilliance on the big day.

There are essential checklists and running sheets that help you know what to do to make the day special, not only for your bride and groom, but also their families and guests.

Sample Speeches and Guidelines for speech-givers

Also, there are sample speeches and guidelines for a range of speeches: Mother of the Bride, Mother & Father of the Groom, the Groom himself and of course the Best Man.

Business Events: how to manage the program and timing

For business event MCs, we have created a complimentary bonus e-book. It will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of putting together a conference or seminar program and of keeping it to time. Run a brilliant event. Simply select the e-book after checkout (an immediate download).

Sold in 75 countries (and counting)

There are obvious cultural and religious differences for weddings and events around the world, so our book offers universal principles and is equally relevant in Australia, the USA, Europe, the UK, Africa (we have many buyers in Nigeria) or Asia.

Please take a look at our many genuine and unsolicited reviews from satisfied purchasers from around the world.

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